Research has always been the driving force behind our investment model and process. Our intensive research is multi-faceted:

TWIN has extensive internal research capabilities, and all of our research is performed at our office in McMurray, PA. Research here is a cohesive process, conducted with an eye toward the portfolio construction and trading functions that it will ultimately drive. It uses quantitative tools to rigorously test the value and reliability of investor behavior. We are always looking to build new tools to help us add value to clients' portfolios.

At TWIN, we recognize that great ideas come from other places as well, and, to that end, we are deeply rooted in the academic community. We have a strong relationship with the Finance Department at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, our President, Geoffrey Gerber, teaches classes for Wharton's Executive Execution Program. This long-term relationship has provided fresh ideas and contributed to the accuracy of our methodologies.